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Thurman's 30 Imperatives



By: Thurman L. Aldridge ©1983

  1. Always get a little warm up and practice before the first tee.
  2. Always address your shots in a relaxed confident manner.
  3. Always align yourself properly to the target.
  4. Always assume the correct stance and posture.
  5. Always make sure you are gripping the club correctly.
  6. Always get a mental picture of your best type golf swing.
  7. Always visualize the flight path of the ball to the target.
  8. Always take a practice swing to activate the subconscious feel.
  9. Always remember to implement the waggle.
  10. Always swing within your established plane.
  11. Always practice to find and know your best rhythm and tempo.
  12. Always correctly place a tee where permitted.
  13. Always swing through the ball to the proper finish, for shot desired.
  14. Always consider the wind and how the ball lays. Make proper adjustments.
  15. Always when in doubt, play to the position with less trouble to the green.
  16. Always realize that each hole is your true opponent. Not the other players.
  17. Always consider where you want the ball to land, and where to stop.
  18. Always know the carry distance for each club at eighty percent power.
  19. Always practice every club so as to make it your favorite.
  20. Always practice driving straight, fades, and draws.
  21. Always make sure club grooves are clean, and grips are in good shape.
  22. Always practice pitch shots, chip shots, sand shots, and putting.
  23. Always read your putts forward and back, and from both sides.
  24. Always keep a pleasant and positive attitude.
  25. Always absorb the pleasure from making a good shot, and remember the feel.
  26. Always quickly dismiss a bad shot from your mind.
  27. Always get enough rest and nourishment, before and after practice or play.
  28. Always endeavor to be in control of your dreams.
  29. Always keep the desire to excel at the game.
  30. Always give thanks for your blessings and think  golf !  

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